Elia Perenzin

Welcome to my website

This is my personal page where I upload pictures that I took.

Who am I?

My name is Elia Perenzin and I’m from Switzerland. I have a bachelor’s degree in Digital Business Management from The University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons. Digital Business Management involves designing, implementing, and coordinating digital projects – from online marketing to websites to mobile apps.

With my colleagues from university, I founded a company that provides such services to small companies and private individuals. In parallel, I work at SWICA as IT Solution Architect.

In between, I try to find as much time as I can, so that I can grab my camera to take some pictures. You will find some examples of my work in the Portfolio or on Instagram.

What do I do?


I did an apprenticeship as software developer and since then I work in IT.


One of my hobbies is photography. I love to take pictures. All the pictures on this website have been taken by me.


From time to time I also shoot and edit videos.

onmit gmbh

With my colleagues from university I founded a company which offers digital services such as websites, online marketing campaigns and social media.


I like to discover new places. Traveling with my camera gives me the opportunity to shoot a lot of cool pictures.


In my free time I love to do sports. Either I go for a run, take my bike for a ride or play football.


In my free time I love to take pictures with my camera. I have started to do photography in 2015. Now I want to share my work with you and I hope you like my pictures.
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From time to time I like to shoot short videos and share them on Youtube.


It’s really hard to maintain the portfolio of a website. But I post regularly new pictures on Instagram.

onmit gmbh

The onmit team is a young, dynamic team from Switzerland that provides IT and marketing services for small and medium sized companies as well as for private individuals.